Wednesday, 5 August 2009

G-Force rocks..........

I have been waiting for over a year to see the new G-Force film.

Waiting with a mounting sense of anticipation and excitement which finally climaxed last night when PP and I took advantage of the rather marvellous Orange Wednesday promotion which provides one free cinema ticket free.

Not to mention Orange being in cahoots with Pizza Express to offer a carb-busting 'buy one pizza get one free, PLUS free garlic bread and dough balls (which are tastier than they sound)

So a great night out for less than £20........result!

We had to schlepp through to the mulitplex at Eastbourne as Hastings Odeon is only showing G-Force in boring old 2D, and I did not intend to be short-changed by missing out on the extra dimension.

Especially where guinea pigs are concerned.

We were first in the queue and elbowed small children aside in order to bag the best seats, slap bang in the middle of the cinema, clutching our 3D glasses, which were really rather swish affairs and looked just like proper sunglasses with smokey lenses. A far cry from the flimsy cardboard frames I remember from my last experience with a 3D film in my youth, which had one green and one red lens.

I was transfixed.




I mean to say.........guinea pigs!!!!

Starring in a major motion film!!!!!!!

In 3D!!!!!!!!!!


OK so the plot was.........well....... fairly uninspiring. Basically a crack squad of guinea pig special agents had to save the world from the supposed machinations of a rather raddled but still strangely alluring Bill Nighy.

There were lots of opportunities to be amazed by the 3D special effects which ramped up to an eye-popping denouement in the best tradition of action movies and all ended happily with the baddies getting their just desserts and the heroes having a celebratory party.

That's it really.

Of course they were always going to succeed with a few hiccoughs along the way, but that's not the point.

The point is that the guinea pigs were ace. I know they weren't real guinea pigs of course, but cunningly pixellated CGI jiggery pokery.

But that's not really the point either.

Guinea pigs are my most favourite rodents and throughout human history they've had a really bum deal being regarded either as an epicurean delicacy or the vivisectionist's animal of choice.

So it's good to see them celebrated for the gorgeous little furballs they are, with their eloquent vocal range of brrs, drrrs, wheeps, chutters and squeaks. Plus I have always harboured a sneaking suspicion that, if they chose, they could easily pull all the stunts of their celluloid counterparts.

I was also relieved that the guinea pig aficionados who made up the audience for the film were extraordinarily well behaved. Recently there have been reports in the media about 'cinema rage' episodes, usually involving badly behaved teenagers, who after being reprimanded over their constant talking/mobile phone calls/throwing popcorn/kicking the back of seats etc take out a personal jihad against the unfortunate person who politely requests that they desist.
I had assumed that G-Force would attract just such a clientele, but in fact we weren't the only adults there without accompanying children, and without exception, all the children behaved impeccably. Clearly guinea pig-philes are a cut above the usual cinema-going public.

So, all in all, an excellent night out.

Now I have to keep an eye open for interesting G-Force merchandise..............I'm hoping for a good range of collectible action figures so if anyone in the blogosphere comes across any, do please let me know.

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tattyhousehastings said...

Fantastic! And I reckon Eastbourne cinema is the way to go. We saw Harry Potter 6 on Wednesday there and despite packed cinema all very lovely and polite quiet popcorn eating crowd. Even my children behaved.