Monday, 22 February 2010

Brief de-brief..........

Despite an epic sleep last night I still feel zombiefied today, following a full-on working weekend.

I'll post properly later when I'm hopefully able to put my brain in gear, but in a nutshell, the Thame fair on Saturday was a triumph. Our takings were almost double what they were last year and they were very good last year so we are delighted. It was busy all day, with collectors willing to spend on high-end pieces rather than our more affordable offerings.

Thame has carved its own niche in the volatile world of specialist miniature fairs. Many customers commented on the fact that the quality of the exhibitors made it feel akin to a more manageable Miniatura or KDF. All of the high standards without the logistical problems inherent in visiting a really big fair.

Celia Thomas, the fair organiser did a wonderful job of balancing a wide range of top quality exhibitors, with no more than two of any miniature speciality, which ensured a varied selection. Also, every exhibitor was an artisan in their own right, which meant no imported tat, and the resulting same items on stand after stand.

Not only that, the fair raised over £3000 for Breast Cancer Research, which is a fantastic result.

Our post-fair workshop session yesterday was also a great success. Students worked hard to create a little wicker pram and I'm hoping they'll send me photos of the finished pieces to post on the blog in due course.

However, for the moment I'm in recuperation mode, so today will be a day of gentle pottering, with a modicum of rest and relaxation thrown in for good measure.

More anon.......


Michelle's Mad World said...

I'm sooo very pleased to hear that the fair was a great success all round! Wonderful news! :o)

Enjoy your rest!
Michelle xx

Irene said...

Pleased to hear the fair was a success. Worth all the extra effort beforehand.

julie campbell said...

Sounds like a wonderful fair Sandra, its so nice to hear reports like this, lets hope this will be a good year all round for those makers amongst us .
julie xxx

Debbie said...

Nice to hear good reports about the fair Sandra. I think most of the exhibitors had a good day, and what a wonderful amount raised for charity.