Friday, 19 February 2010

Hi ho, hi ho..........

It's off to work we go........

Huge pile of stuff is currently sitting in the hall, waiting to be packed into the car. By the time we're finished it will be nigh on impossible to squeeze in even a wafer-thin mint. If push comes to shove I may have to make the journey strapped to the roof!

Small Dog has got wind of our impending departure and is resolutely ignoring us, as she has been informed that she must 'STAY'. She hates the 'STAY' word and is curled up on her blanky with her face to the wall and her back to us.

Thankfully the weather seems to be fine, which bodes reasonably well for our foray onto the M25/M40 later. Hopefully by mid afternoon we shall be safely at our hotel and looking forward to a relaxing evening before the fair tomorrow and the subsequent workshop session on Sunday.

I'll tell you all about it on our return.


Must get on. We have a very small car to pack full with a very lot of stuff!


rosanna said...

Good luck and have a safe journey Rosanna

julie campbell said...

Good luck Sandra, hope you have a brilliant time,
julie xxx

Jain Squires said...

Have a good time Sandra. Hope it is enjoyable and profitable. That poor little dog is so long suffering.......not!!!! Jain xxx

julie campbell said...

when you get back from Thame popover to my blog,I have an award for you :0)
julie xx