Friday, 26 February 2010

The Twilight Zone..........

I seem to have lost a whole day.

I'm not talking about Wednesday, the day before yesterday, which passed in a blur of activity in preparation for the murder mystery dinner..... cleaning, cooking, titivating, drinking, eating, more drinking, laughing, singing........ the jollity went on into the small hours.


No I'm talking about yesterday, when despite having had guests stay overnight, and therefore being up and about and nominally sentient in the morning, by early afternoon I finally capitulated and decided to have a lie down on the sofa with Small Dog, to watch a film. Three hours later I woke to find that Small Dog had somehow snuggled herself down under the fleecy blanket, in the crook of my knees, and that having missed the entire film I had no idea whodunnit.

Or even who was dunnit to.

Despite my impromptu mega-nap, I was flagging again by dinner time, and retired to bed at 7 pm, sleeping right through for 12 hours.

However, even that marathon sleep hasn't recharged my depleted batteries, and I'm fighting the urge to slope off for another nap on the sofa, a suggestion of which Small Dog thoroughly approves.

The good news is that we have absolutely NOTHING planned for this weekend. I can sleep, snooze, nap etc to my heart's content. Thanks to our cleaning blitz on Monday and Tuesday the house is sparkling clean and tidy, so I will feel no pangs of guilt if displacement activity claims me.

What luxury to have a few days of doing only what I feel like.


Normal service will however be resumed at some point. Probably Monday.


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Debie Lyons said...

Sandra, you have been such a busy bunny lately I am not surprised you are tired. But you are having fun. It was nice to hear that you had a good show and it was nice to see you and PP at Thame.
Debie xxx