Monday, 15 February 2010

Losing the will to live......

D'you know when you've downloaded or installed a new software program?

And the 'helpful' online manual runs to several hundred sections, and each section has at least 5,698 sub-sections.

And you glance at it and think.......

"How hard can it be"?

And because you're reasonably computer literate, and used to problem-solving on a daily basis, you think.......

"Oh, for goodness sake. I can probably work out what I need to do in next to no time so I'll just get stuck in and do it".

And finally, after 2 frustrating, howl-at-the-moon, chew-your-own-leg-off-whilst-banging- your-head-on-the-desk hours, you just want to crawl away whimpering in search of the gin bottle.


That's me that is.


Debbie said...

"Bloody Computers"...LOL

JDayMinis said...

Wow, you are so good at describing many of my days, lol. "Everything" always takes a couple of hours more than I figure. I really empathize with you. All the very best, Fireball Whisky works well too!!

julie campbell said...

did you find the gin ??
LOL Sandra as someone who still cant figure out how to work my photoshop program I totally sympathise.........heres hoping it all becomes clear today !
julie xxx

rosanna said...

I'm a tecnology ignoramus and I can well see myself in that position. I use to say : I do not understand but I adapt myself.Good luck Rosanna

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks for all the support ladies. Much appreciated.

As I have to crack the software I shall be joining battle with it again later. I wouldn't mind so much, but I had found an 'idiot's guide' tutorial, giving step by step instructions on exactly what I wanted to do, so I have no excuse.
Although from reading the comments following the tutorial, lots of other people got to exactly the same stage as I did then everything went pants.

So I am not alone in my doofusness.