Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Back from the wilderness...........

I am now back home, having spent a very relaxing 5 days camping over the Easter weekend.

Not only were the dire warnings of rain, more rain, storms, snow and torrential downpours wildly wide of the meteorological mark, we were even able to sit outside in relatively warm sunshine at several points.

Small Dog had a whale of a time on her birthday. She received not one, not two, but THREE squeaky toys, had a special birthday dinner, several walks, one fight and declared the day to have been her best birthday ever. She is now completely worn out and will spend the rest of today catching up on her sleeps.

The campsite was lovely and quiet, due in large part to the wardens having to cancel 94 bookings in the two days leading up to the weekend because of the bad weather. Quite how we managed to sneak in under the radar we're not quite sure, but it meant that we were spared the expected hundred or so children racing around the site, hyped up on Easter chocolate and generally making a nuisance of themselves. There were a few children but they were mostly very well behaved and outnumbered by adults and dogs.

So for the balance of today, we are engaged in catching up with emails, unpacking the campervan and trying to get back to what passes for normal. I've even managed to tinker about in the workroom briefly, doing some desultory tidying and assessing what to make a start on tomorrow when it's back to work in earnest.

The sun is shining, it will be light until gone 7pm and spring, although very late, is finally bursting out all over so I am feeling rather optimistic and looking forward to indulging in some creative endeavours this week.

In the meantime, here are a few snaps of the Birthday Dog enjoying herself......


Jean Day said...

A very Happy Birthday to your sweet pup.

Maria Narbon said...

Is very fun your Yorki!!

Anonymous said...

Ummmm..Sandra....in that last picture...which is the dog and which the toy?

Na...only kidding. Good to have you back!

Love Sue and DD

julie campbell said...

Looks like small dog had the very best birthday, glad you all had a good time.......now come on,back to work like the rest of us !
julie xxx

Deep Squeaker said...

How, in the name of all that is Holy, has her coat managed to get so long again?! Have you been dipping her in Fur-B-Grow or summat?

Love the penultimate action shot of the small dogs, btw.