Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Ticking along nicely..........

Mindful of the 'helpful' countdown timer on my desktop, and my propensity for time wasting displacement activity on an industrial scale, I conscientiously studied my reams of 'to do' lists this morning then promptly decided against doing any of the most urgent stuff.

Instead, as it was my first day back at work today after almost a week off, I plunged straight in at the deep end with some casting, which normally has a calming effect.

However today, FOR NO GOOD REASON, I decided to revisit a set of molds from aeons ago which have only ever been cast once, and were deemed Much Too Good to relegate to my mold sale last summer.

Almost as soon as I started casting, it all came flooding back to me.

The reason WHY they'd been gathering dust in the back of the cupboard for upwards of 15 years.

The two full pages of instructions and diagrams on the myriad greenware surgical procedures should have provided a timely clue. But of course once I'd started I just had to finish.

I'm not convinced that the resulting doll 10-piece articulated child will be successful.

In addition to a hunchback's humph it will almost definitely have one leg shorter than the other and the hole for the neck flange looks much too big so its neck will disappear down the hole so that the head goes in up to the ears. I may have to resort to glueing the whole thing together which would rather render the whole 'articulation' thing null and void.

Anyways, until all the bits are soft fired, soft-cleaned and bisque fired I won't know just how much of a pig's ear I've made of it.

Undaunted, I then continued with a goodly session of tiny toy doll casting, but not before I had accidentally dropped a mold onto the centre of a board of dried greenware pieces cast last week, and which inevitably, in their fragile, unfired, chalky state, shattered into a gazillion pieces.

I was a tad annoyed.


This afternoon, I again disdained my 'to do' list (although straight after lunch I did feel guilty enough to at least package the most urgent orders which came in over the holiday weekend then race them to the Post Office) and instead got stuck into preparing a batch of little toy dolls to dress in a new costume style, which will involve a certain amount of trial and error during the design process.

Which meant that instead of cracking straight on with the fiddly complicated bits I had to clear a space on my workdesk to pleat some length of silk ribbons.


Yes, I know.

I am my own worst enemy.

However, I do at least feel that I have had a busy, if not entirely fruitful and productive day. I'm going to re-assess my 'to do' lists now in preparation for tomorrow's work schedule.


Pandora said...

Oh dear :-) It is difficult getting back to work after a break. I bet the doll will turn out fine - quite characterful in fact!


Anonymous said...

Oh Sandra!

It's always like that after a holiday! Take a deep breath and then....go and make a cup of coffee....

I've been all fingers and thumbs too.

I've even had to correct the spelling and grammar of this tiny comment seven times!

Ah well...

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks for the moral support.

Now if you could both just see you way to galvanising me into something approaching action I'd be very grateful.....