Monday, 12 April 2010

I WANT ONE....!!!

No lover of tiny houses could fail to be smitten by this.......

Allegedly the smallest house in the world you can read all about it HERE...

And for your further delectation there are even some moving pictures

Absolutely gawjuss.

And I soooooo want one.

If you're up for an hour or so of vicarious displacement activity you could do worse than visit the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company website which is chock full of fascinating information and videos.

Of course I would probably need a pantechnicon trailer behind to carry all my 'stuff' but regular readers of this drivel shimmering prose will remember that PP, Small Dog and I are currently engaged in a mammoth downsizing exercise, which is proceeding in fits and starts.
When completed, and we have a newly streamlined, minimalised, pared-down lifestyle, we will then be able to proceed to the next stage of our Two Year Plan.

Moving house.


*pause for the enormity of this statement to fully hit home and for the palpitations to ease*

Yesterday, PP got the bit between her teeth, (possibly as a result of the horse racing frenzy on Saturday) and got stuck into the big wardrobe in the front bedroom. One of the problems with living in a house bigger than you need is that there is a lot of space to keep 'stuff'. We needed overflow wardrobe space in the first year of living here, so loads of clothes got relegated to the big wardrobe in the front bedroom.

And were promptly forgotten about.

Over the intervening 6 years, and zillions of calories later, only a fraction of the clothing actually fits us any longer. I subscribe to the theory that some form of Narnia-style 'back of the wardrobe' virus has infiltrated and shrunk everything by exactly 2 sizes.

Not to mention PP is bereft and distraught because her favourite old bears, who have been living in a sort of bear maisonette in the wardrobe, have got moth and are currently awaiting incarceration in the freezer.

In other news.....

Well you'll have to wait till my next post for the other news as I absolutely must crack on and get some work done.


Debbie said...

You've been looking at the same web site as me Sandra. It's like a Dolls House on Wheels and can it be classed as a house or a converted trailer.
Here is a real house made of bricks and mortar and apparently the smallest house in Britain..

Sandra Morris said...

I'm fascinated by all things small. I suppose that's why I like being in the campervan so much!
Thanks for the link to the Welsh house. That IS tiny. We have a very small house in Hastings called the Piece of Cheese, which is also tiny and triangular. It's used as a holiday let but I've love to have a look inside.