Thursday, 8 April 2010

I could be setting a trend.........


Absolutely incredible!

For the second day running I've hardly left the workroom and have been multitasking like a good 'un.

My work ethic is positively blooming, thanks in no small part to the fact that the sun is shining fit to bust and it's possible to venture outside without first piling on umpteen layers of clothing.

After a late start, Spring has most definitely sprung and is literally bursting out all over the place, which is A Good Thing.

Prodigal Son has been hard at work in the garden, repainting our little seasidey, beach hut style garden shed, which has served to show up the rather dilapidated, tatty and faded striped curtains.

Which is NOT a good thing. I may be forced to make a new pair.

However, the sun has been streaming into the workroom and I have been alternating between a marathon casting session begun last week, and preparation for some new little toy dolls and kits. All of which has been strangely satisfying.

If I can only maintain this level of concentration and dogged determination I shall power though all my outstanding tasks in no time.


Speaking of dogged determination, Small Dog has been acting in a supervisory capacity on the shed-painting project. This mostly entails her lying flat out in a patch of warm sunshine, occasionally lifting her head if she anticipates any potential squirrel incursions into her 'terriertory'. On her frequent forays back into the house to see if anything interesting has miraculously materialised in her food bowl, I have expected to see her decorated with the odd splatter of blue shed paint, but thus far she is remarkably unsullied.

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Anonymous said...

Is Small Dog still paintless Sandra?

I have put your figure on the blog.... do let me know if there is anything you don't want.
She's drying for three days or so now so we can alter things.
Hope all is well.