Monday, 12 April 2010

Ex Libris Sandra...........

In the spirit of major downsizing I have made the difficult decision to part with another bookcaseful of my books.

I started selling my collection of a quarter of a century's worth of books last year. Those were the easiest ones to sell as they were primarily purely work based on dolls and dollmaking. However the most recent candidates for finding new homes have been much harder to decide upon, as many of them have an emotional attachment for me.

Nevertheless, I've just finished listing over 70 reference books on Amazon. They cover a wide range of non-fiction subjects from costume history to old doll's houses, related books on architecture, social history, traditional crafts, several on doll/figure sculpting in polymer clay, miniature needlecrafts, miniature furniture and lots more.

Ones I bought from new are still in mint condition. Others which are long out of print, and difficult to find, which I obtained second-hand, are in at least 'good' or 'very good' condition. Several are really quite rare and are priced accordingly.

Most are hardback and consequently expensive to post so I am willing to put aside books for collection in person if that is possible thus saving YOU the expense of shipping and ME the hassle of packaging and posting them. Win-win situation!

You can view the entire current list HERE.

I have been uploading photos of front covers to Amazon, but they seem to be slow to appear in the listings, so if there is any book on which you need further information or photo, just let me know.

Hopefully they will all find good, loving and appreciative homes in due course.


Debbie said...

Faith Wicks Sculpting Little People is on there twice Sandra is that correct or have you put it on twice.
Some fabulous books on there Sandra, going back to look at the rest of the list. xx

Sandra Morris said...

I have both Volumes 1 and 2 for sale. Amazon was a bit sniffy about the listing (presumably because they have the same title) so I put the relevant infomation in the comments under the listing.

Happy browsing!

Michelle said...

Fabulous books available, I'm going to have a really good look, but I will await the photo's as I tend to know the book when I see the cover. Some are sooo old too, so I know I won't have them! :o)

Michelle xxx