Monday, 20 September 2010

100 followers competition..........!

By way of celebrating acquiring my 100th follower, here is a thought-provoking competition, open to all Tales from a Toymaker followers.

I've been playing around with haiku poems lately, which are great fun, so all you have to do is compose a haiku and leave it as a comment.

No specific theme.... it can be about anything - blogging, miniatures, the weather.......whatever you like.

For non-haiku enthusiasts, the haiku format consists of just three lines.

first line, 5 syllables
second line, 7 syllables
third line, 5 syllables

For example,

Wonderful small dog,
chrysanthemum head of fur.
Daily you make me smile.

Simple eh? Go on......have a go.

I'll put all haiku-composer's names in a hat and draw the winner at random on 30th September.

And the prize....?


Cate and David said...

Congratulations on 100 followers! Here is my effort:

'Cute girl in purple
With ringlets coloured auburn
What a pretty smile!'


Mags Cassidy said...

A pretty dolly
hopefully for me to win
because I want her

rosanna said...

Sandra, I'll try but remember English is not my mother language and I'm not sure how to divide the syllables.Please, have mercy

Fairy mini child
by magic hands created
come to my home

And that's all I can do :o(((
Thank you for the chance of winning one of your beautiful dolls. Rosanna

Sans! said...

A purple monster!
A purple monster, you said?
Yes, purple monster.

This haiku is in no way related to your doll. Yours is a purple angel :).

Marlene said...

Here goes my try

Visit blogs daily
Housework waiting
Stories inspiring

Thats it, not bad for a Tuesday morning

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks for all the kind comments, and the haikus!

Good luck ladies....

Karin F. said...

On one hundred followers
Dolly hope I win

hugs Karin

Patty said...

Wide eyes staring
lined purple bows
small sweetness

KT MIniatures said...

It's still very early in the morning but we go:

Oh to be so lucky
I do so love your dolllie
Is not this such fun?


Robin said...

I must be mad's my offering:

Small dog keeps her sane
Takes rather more really but
The small dog knows best

....and I'd really love the doll

PP-SD said...

Ok here's my attempt with the help of Small Dog of course.

Was a pretty doll
Lucy chewed it plenty though
Now it's rather broke!

maria said...

Congretulations on your 100 followers.

What a pretty doll
In her beautifull pink dress
You made her with love