Thursday, 30 September 2010

Too much information...............

This morning I went to the Hastings 2010 Let's Do Business exhibition with the express intention of visiting not one, not two but FOUR book publishing/printing companies.

Armed with my carefully written list of FAQs I diligently approached each one with a request for information based on my requirements.

Oh. My. God.

I have SO MUCH information that I'm scared if I don't plug my ears it will all leak out of my saturated brain.

Don't get me wrong.  Information was what I was after. However I failed to take into account that when you talk to an expert in any field, they will tell you stuff.

LOTS of stuff.

Probably most of which you don't entirely understand. 

And don't even get me started on acronyms.  Personally I think that experts use industry-standard acronyms to find out how little you know.  By that measure I know next to NOTHING.

OK so I have a passing acquaintance with GSM, RGB, CMYK, (as in, "yes well of course I've HEARD of you, but what, EXACTLY do you do") but when it comes to BPIF, FSC, DOP, ROP et al, I'm all at sea.  However, I have collected reams and reams of brochures and booklets and will be shortly receiving sample packs and quotes based on my brief.

But most exciting of all, as all the companies are local, I can actually go along on the day of printing and watch my book rolling off the presses.  How amazing is THAT! 

I should imagine it would be like giving birth with none of the messy, painful stuff.

But I must restrain my exuberance and go get on with the photography. Only another 100+ photos to go.


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julie campbell said...

How fab Sandra to be able to watch it roll off the presses !
Keep focussing on that...will help you get through all those photographs !
good luck !
julie xx