Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Loins girded.........

I am girding my loins (isn't that just a wonderful phrase?) for the coming weekend which will be a test of my stamina and inner resources for I will be travelling solo to Cornwall.

Via Scotland.

This isn't because I have bought an insanely cheap rail ticket which insists on particularly imaginative routing. Nor have I completely taken leave of my senses, although I'm beginning to wonder.

No. The reason for my peregrination around the British Isles is that a family wedding in Scotland clashes with a pre-booked holiday in Cornwall with friends. So of course the sensible thing is to try and do both.

*sighs and reconsiders the fact that taking leave of my senses is EXACTLY what I've done...*

So, PP will be taking Small Dog to Cornwall, setting off for an 8-hour drive at roughly the same time as I will be on my way to Gatwick Airport. Although I will be travelling solo, Gorgeous Daughter will be joining me in Edinburgh late evening, having also travelled up from southern England after work.

The wedding itself promises to be a wonderful affair and I am looking forward to it with a mixture of anticipation and trepidation. Many of the people who will attend, I haven't seen for over 30 years and much water has passed under the bridge during that time, so I'm thinking of writing a haiku poem to describe my life path since then.

Brief, concise but strangely enigmatic. I'm going to work on it on the flight up.

Then on Sunday I will be flying down to Cornwall. I had no idea there was an airport in Newquay but fortuitously there is a single daily flight from Edinburgh to Cornwall precisely when I need it. So I took that as a sign.

Of course the plane will probably be of the very small variety, with propellers and stuff, but I'm fervently hoping I will get a proper seat and not simply be strapped to the wings for the duration.

Small Dog will be meeting me at the airport, hopefully appropriately attired.....


Kat the hat lady! said...

I hope you have a wonderful time both Scotland and Cornwall how wonderful and exciting! :-) I too have met up with family I have not seen in years at my Nan's funeral even though it was a sad day it was nice to see faces I haven't seen in years and even some I didn't want to see! Gave me something to talk about when I got home ha ha ha!

KT MIniatures said...

Blimey don't do things by halves do you. Hope you have a fabulous time and a good old knees up!lol

Robin said...

Trust me...the plane will have wings and everything and Newquay Airport (well St. Mawgan really) is actually dead civilised. Lol. Have a wonderful time!

Anonymous said...

Where do you get these photos from Sandra?You always seem to have just the right one.
AND I rather like peregrinations too...another lovely word.

Not to mention Haiku....I like writing those too. But how many people would know
1. what they are and
2. how hard they are to write
3. and why?

Have a super time but do take care!


Sandra Morris said...

Thanks girls!

I'm bracing myself for all the
"SANDRA! I didn't recognise you!" comments.

You're so right. If there's a difficult way to do something I'm right there. It's practically a medical condition.

Phew, that's a relief. I imagined a Sopwith Camel!

Sue you are so right
Haiku form is quite obscure
But satisfying....