Thursday, 31 March 2011

Boxing clever...........

We were out for most of today getting a tow pack fitted on our 'new' car, so of course the storage box delivery I'd been waiting in for all week arrived but couldn't be delivered as it needed to be signed for.


The courier left a note saying it will be redelivered tomorrow so I'm looking forward to spending the day in the workroom playing with my new boxes and filling them full of stuff.  I have a vision of my large wall unit stacked out with row upon row of boxes, all neatly labelled so that I can find anything within seconds.  It's only taken me 25 years to hit on this damn fine plan so excuse my almost infantile excitement at the prospect of taking delivery of a selection of A4 and A5 size boxes.  The A4 ones fit exactly into the cubby holes in my wall unit, and the A5 size fits perfectly in my wall cupboards with doors.  

Actually, just between us, I think I'm becoming obsessed with boxes and may have to join BA (Box-lovers Anonymous) and attend meetings to curb my boxy desires.

"My name is Sandra Morris and I love boxes.  I can't resist them.  It's a disease and I am more to be pitied than scorned............"

Cats also love boxes.

Which is a clumsy segway to enable me to post a bit of displacement activity.  Which has been sadly lacking of late......


Robin said...

Sadly, I too love boxes - any shape, any size....and I swear that's my Sam cat in Simon's box!!
Thanks for that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Elga said...

Oh I love Simon's cat!!! I will always remember the day when my first cat, a huge ginger tom squeezed himself into a not so big shoe box, and looked so happy at the accomplishment.

Anonymous said...'ll have to join BoxCleva! All of you.
This is a society that specialises in the treatment of Box disorders.
Just go to
and treatment begins immediately you can find yourself a piece of card and a pair of scissors.
There is no cure for an obsession with you HAVE TO FEED IT!