Friday, 29 July 2011

Last chance........

Really, REALLY busy week packaging orders from our clearance sale.

The  Tower House Dolls website closes in 2 days but there are still just a few amazing bargains left if you're quick!

In other news, the past week has been something of an emotional minefield.  On Monday, PP's nephew had surgery to remove a brain tumour.  All went well and he's home already, awaiting biopsy results so fingers crossed there.

On Tuesday, a friend had surgery for bowel cancer.  We visited her in Brighton yesterday and she's doing really well.

And today, another friend is having surgery to remove a kidney tumour.

So here's wishing them all a speedy recovery and hope that all the biopsy outcomes are good ones.

Plus, to all three, a special 'get well soon' photo message from The Healing Paw Dog.....

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rosanna said...

Same here, the Big C is everywhere.
I hate this.