Sunday, 10 July 2011

Working weekend...........

Working from home does tend to blur the boundaries between work and leisure.  Yesterday I spent most of the day in the workroom, finishing off some commissions and working on some more new miniatures.

This morning, more of the same, but this afternoon I decided (in a rash moment) to spend some time sorting out my drawers and wardrobe space in the bedroom.  

Always hopelessly optimistic, I thought an hour would about do it.

Oh no, by no nonny no.

After almost 4 hours I was ready to throw in the towel and just set fire to the room.  It's not even a particularly big wardrobe, or a lot of drawers, but random 'stuff' has accumulated to the extent that at one point the bed was ENTIRELY COVERED in piles of detritus.

I've liberated two large bags of clothes intended for much thinner women, which are destined for the charity shop, plus several bags of stuff for Freecycle, plus several more bags for either recycling or rubbish.

I am now absolutely exhausted.  My back aches, my legs ache, my head aches........  It wouldn't be so bad but it's hard to even see where I've been!

At one point, at the height of the chaos, Small Dog appeared and attempted to access the bed in order to oversee proceedings.  Since there wasn't enough clear space for even a waffer-thin mint she was forced to perch on top of a pile of discarded clothing, right up against the headboard, where she teetered for a short while before abandoning it as a bad job.

Nevertheless, I've cleared out ALL my surplus to requirements clothing, toiletries, shoes etc so I'm feeling particularly virtuous.  I also cleared out and cleaned the shower room, reclaiming it from dust bunny central to sparkly sparkliness. 

Thank goodness it's Monday tomorrow.......


pastmastery said...

AH yes...I know this one....been there done that...thrown out the T shirt!
I felt virtuous last week because I cleaned the oven...but I think you beat me...hands down.
:) Sx

Martin Lower said...

There's nothing like a good clear out to make you feel good! Unfortunately, it doesn't stop it happening again....