Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I am hopelessly, helplessly head-over-heels in love.




And the object of my affection?


I have finally joined the ranks of the Kindled.

As a book lover, I have been somewhat ambivalent about the Kindle, but having taken the plunge I have so say I don't know why I prevaricated for so long.

It really is a lovely piece of kit.  Sleek, slim and light as a feather, it's almost Apple-like in its simplicity and tactile appeal.  I'm not usually a great fan of reading large swathes of text on a screen but the Kindle screen is as far removed from a computer as it's possible to be.

It's almost like reading vellum.  There's no glare from the screen and the e-ink text is clear and crisp.  Also, unlike a computer or PC tablet, it's possible to read the Kindle screen in full sunlight.

So having only had it for a few days I'm in the first flush of love...... the honeymoon period.   I've downloaded some free books, all of which was delightfully simple and hassle-free and I'm still exploring and discovering its myriad features.

I especially love the inbuilt dictionary.  Highlighting any word in the text will bring up a definition at the top of the screen.  How good is that?

In addition, reading even the most epic tomes in bed will be pain free, as it weighs next to nothing.


And its lovely new cover has only just arrived in the post so now I can protect its pristine, unblemished newness.



Anonymous said...


I have been so trying to talk myself out of a Kindle but keep going back and looking at them on Amazon. Like you I am a book lover and have hundreds (literally) of them. What holds me back is that I know if I get a Kindle I will want to buy my favourite books to have on the Kindle which is doubling the cost.
But the upside is that I wouldn't have three or four bookcases full of the darn things.
Got me pondering on it again.

Dlsarmywife said...

I debated on buying a Kindle for quite a while, as I love the feel of turning a page! But when I got a smartphone I discovered it came with a Kindle app installed. I must say I LOVE LOVE LOVE it too! I love the ease of downloading books at my leisure and reading them anytime anywhere! Enjoy yours!

pastmastery said...

Good for you...
Look up Prevaricate on your shiny new Kindle.....though
and then look up Procrastinate....



pastmastery said...

Then delete my comment

Sandra Morris said...

Ah... thank you ladies.

I am still exploring my Kindle's myriad nooks and crannies and have to keep from making little whimpering cries of delight.


If you haven't yet succumbed then do so toot sweet. You won't regret it.


Michelle said...

I'm tardy with comments on blogs! lol

I keep looking at Kindle's too. I LOVE real books...I love the smell of them too. However, a novel would be great on a Kindle..and sooo easy to use when in bed. Hmmm... I'd like an iPAD more? Hmmm. lol

Michelle xxx