Monday, 20 May 2013

Hidden gems......

I started Phase 2 of the workroom makeover today by starting to clear out all the cupboards.  I'm going to have to completely empty the room in order to redecorate and re-carpet, so I'm going though everything with a view to further de-cluttering.

I started with the cupboards behind my chair, which held paints, glues, packaging supplies etc.  Right at the back I found a box which has been there for some time and for which I had no idea of the contents.   

I thought I had sold off all of the 1/12th porcelain doll kits which I used to make, but the box contained a selection of kits which I'd presumably kept in order to use for some specific projects.

For example, I discovered a few sets of kits to make a ventriloquist and his dummy/puppet.  Also some special kits I'd made for an Eastern Prince project a while back.  Not to mention some child kits including Snivelling Simon, a charming child who is literally crying out for the addition of trails of tears and snot.

All of the kits include body packs, instructions for assembly and wigging viscose.  I'm also including a costume pattern pack for the little Indian Prince.


They're now listed on the website under THD Specials.   As I no longer have any of the moulds these few remaining kits are the last of their kind.

Tomorrow I'm tackling the cupboard in the far corner which is currently inaccessible due to a pile of books.  I have no idea what I'm going to find in there....... #excitingtimes!

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