Friday, 17 May 2013

Plan B........

I really hate to admit defeat on anything, least of all an inanimate object, but I'm finally going to stop abjectly failing to remove the damned varnish from my cupboard doors and go with Plan B..... a shabby chic paint finish.

Having used almost an entire pot of Eco stripper, in increasingly thick layers, for longer and longer, I still have one blotchy door, with patches of varnish resolutely hanging on to the wood for grim death.

I have to admit it looks only marginally worse than the doors I haven't touched.  I never liked the wood colour but the units were part of a demo kitchen in a DIY store years ago when I was kitting out my former studio, and as they were going for a song I couldn't resist.

The studio was twice the size of  my current workroom though, and somehow the wood colour wasn't a problem.  I've put up with it since moving here but it just looks boring and dated, and I'm ready for a change.  There's nothing wrong with either the units or the doors, so I'm 'upcycling' them.

Despite the fact that painting them wasn't my first choice, if I'm honest it will be an easier option, doable in a day rather than several weeks, and since I'm going to use the marvellous chalk paint made by Annie Sloan, I don't even have to sand or rub down the wood at all, although I might give it a going over with sugar soap just to remove any surface film.

Let's hope I don't have to resort to Plan C.....   

*I don't have a Plan C*

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Susan said...

From what I can gather, professional soda blasting will remove epoxy resin varnish and is eco friendly but I don't blame you for going the easier route.