Thursday, 30 May 2013

It's curtains for me.......

The recent dearth of posts has been due to a sudden flurry of activity on the domestic front, plus a visit from my lovely daughter for a few days, so blogging has had to take a back seat for the duration.

However I'm now back in the saddle and have been moderately productive in the workroom today, despite the ongoing mess which is set to get exponentially worse over the next few weeks.

In the run up to emptying the room prior to redecorating and re-carpetting I'm trying to keep a small area of my desk clear so that I can continue to work, but other than that small oasis of relative calm, the rest of the room is descending into chaos.

However, today I have carefully measured for new curtains, which I'll be making myself, so I now need to clear a bigger space on the other side of the desk for my sewing machine.  It's been several years since I last made proper curtains (I'm not counting the deckchair stripey ones in our little beach hut style shed up the garden, which are threaded onto net curtain wire) with lining and proper heading tape so I'm hoping it all comes flooding back to me.

I also hope that my measurements and the subsequent complicated sums involving widths and drops and adding a bit on for hems and the like, are correct, and that I've ordered sufficient fabric.

Further developments in the Great Workroom Makeover include finally making a decision on the paint colour for the walls.

Who knew there were so many shades of pale blue?  

Having picked up a fistful of paint colour guides at the weekend I've been trying to find my perfect blue..... not a greeny or yellowy blue, or a grey blue, or even a lavender blue, but a very specific pale shade of blue which I've formulated in my head.  An exhaustive search of the house finally revealed an item of the approximate shade, which I was then able to match to a paler paint version.

So, Mineral Mist it is then.

I think.

I will have to try out a little matchpot just to be 100% sure.

I've also made a final decision on the paint and colour for my cupboard doors, which will entail a trip to the nearest stockist in Rye sometime in the next week or so.

Finally I've set myself a tentative deadline of the end of June for the completion of the makeover.  Quite how realistic that is remains to be seen......

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