Sunday, 12 May 2013

Time flies......

Why is it that the working week, which nominally consists of 5 days seems to last twice as long, while the weekend, which nominally consists of 2 days seems to last half as long?

This trick of time is everywhere these days.  It feels like only a month or so since Christmas, but we'll be fully half way through the year next month.  

Every winter I look forward so much to the arrival of spring, but this year I feel cheated.  Whatever we've just experienced I wouldn't call it spring.  Our seasons, and therefore my perception of the passage of time are all out of kilter.

*deep sigh*

Anyway, despite the fact I should have doing any number of other things today,I managed to steal a little time for myself and made this for my little shop of dolls, just in case I manage to get the building finished any time soon. 

I had just a tiny bit of pale blue silk in exactly the right colour to complement the shop decor so I was able to make a bustled jacket with some lovely silk buds and bows trimming around the edge and on her little lacy bonnet.  It's been so long since I made any little dolls for my own projects...... it was really quite cathartic and most enjoyable on a cold and rainy Sunday afternoon.

*Note to self...... take more time out to make stuff just for me.... 


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Robin said...

Ahhhhhhhhh - gorgeous!!!!1