Wednesday, 1 May 2013

May Day, Mayday........

It's been a lovely day today, hopefully a harbinger of the summer to come.  Hastings throws itself wholeheartedly into May Day celebrations, which will take place this coming Bank Holiday weekend.  

There's the famous Jack-in-the-Green festivities which kick off on Friday, and the almost equally famous May Day Bike Run when over 50,000 bikers from all over the UK descend on Hastings and showcase their gleaming motorbikes from the old and classic to the downright weird.

You'd think that two such different world's colliding would cause madness and mayhem, but it's all remarkably good humoured and everyone is united in simply enjoying the occasion.

In other news, I've had my own very different Mayday distress moments today, while working on  ideas for a new project.  I generally relish the 'research and development' side of producing new pieces, but there are invariably times when things don't go quite as anticipated and take an unexpected twist.  I'm going to have to wait till later to see whether I've rescued the situation or not and in the meantime I'm trying to avoid going into the workroom to see what's happening as there's nothing I can do now, one way or the other.

Sometimes the seemingly simplest things are the most complex to achieve.

If it's worked, I'll be able to post photos later this week.  If not, forget I ever mentioned it and I'll have to go back to the drawing board.

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