Sunday, 26 April 2015

Casting caution to the winds.....

It's no good.

I can't put it off any longer.

I have to start a casting batch this week.


My last casting session was started last August, and took me absolute ages to complete but I need to be completely focused this time as I have some important commissions to do, as well as assorted dolls and toys for my forthcoming classes, not to mention other stuff which is a bit hush-hush and I shouldn't even be mentioning here as I'm under strict instructions from our newly appointed 'Hed of Markitten and Komewnicashun' to keep schtum.

So, all this week I shall be hard at it, up to my elbows in porcelain slip.  I'm planning two sessions per day, with a goodly stretch of time in the middle when I'll be working on La Belle Poupée workshop packs.

Speaking of which, if anyone wants to order one, please let me know by Thursday 30 April at the latest as I won't be taking orders after that time.

Anyway, earlier today (despite it still being nominally my birthday week AND a Sunday) I set up a casting area on PP's side of the desk, leaving my side free for workshop preparations.  

It might look like carnage but trust me, I'm a dollmaker, and this is all perfectly normal.
Those little moulds at the back, still wrapped in protective cardboard are some brand new moulds which I haven't even unbanded yet, let alone cast, so that's always exciting.

I'll also be channelling my inner Dr. Frankenstein this time, swapping heads with bodies and generally taking extreme dissection to a whole new maniacal level.

*cue diabolical laughter* Mwahahahaha!

It could all end in tears....

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