Thursday, 30 April 2015

Casting..... Day 3

Why is it, that no matter what time of year I'm casting, I always seem to be doing it on the coldest days of the month?

There's also something about handling slightly damp plaster moulds, in conjunction with porcelain slip which chills me to the marrow.

I'm completely convinced that slip has something in it, which is, on a molecular level, almost exactly the same composition as the active ingredient in Cold Wet Nose, as practised by Small  Dog.  Even on the hottest summer day, Small Dog's nose is unnaturally cold.  When she uses it to tap the back of my hand (which is her preferred method for requesting strokings) the cold, wetness of it lingers much longer than the actual nose/hand contact.

It's the same with porcelain slip.  Only as well as being both cold and wet, it is also slippy which is not a good combination.

I've completed a number of casting sessions over the past three days and I'm way beyond the first flush of enthusiasm, down the main road of meh and well along the tree-lined avenue of "shoot me now".

It's not that I dislike casting.  Well, not too much.  It's necessary and I've been doing it for so many years that I can put my brain in neutral and coast through it thinking of other things.
However, after all those years you'd think that I would have more a more realistic notion of how much I can achieve in a single session and plan accordingly.

But no.  I always hopelessly overestimate how much is doable in a given period of time before I lose the will to live.

No matter..... I'm reaching the halfway point now so it's all downhill from here on in.
*said more in hope than expectation*


Daydreamer said...

But we LOVE your little dollies.... so you simply Must keep casting!!!
I hope it goes well to the finish!

Sandra Morris said...

I've started so I'll finish! ;)