Monday, 13 April 2015

Crisis talks.....

Over the weekend, Tower House Dolls was rocked to its very foundations by the news that Small Dog's FB page now rivals the THD business page in popularity.

Yesterday afternoon (Sunday) we both had 768 page Likes.

I had been waiting for that momentous event for several days and as Small Dog's Likes edged upwards I kept checking feverishly, eager to catch the moment of equilibrium and save it for posterity.

This is what Small Dog looked like when I told her.....

That expression can only be described as smug.  Smug Dog.

After that things rapidly began to unravel......

This morning, when I should have been making a start on the annual accounts, I was overwhelmed by an avalanche of events.  Predictably Small Dog's page has now overtaken THD so I had no option but to call an extraordinary meeting of the management team.

In the interests of fairness and complete transparency, the minutes of this morning's meeting are transcribed below.......

Minutes of Extraordinary Meeting of Tower House Dolls Management Team
Monday 13 April 2015 at 11.00 a.m.

Sandra Morris – Partner & Creative Director
Pam Shallcrass – Partner & Director of General and Website Administration
Smug Small Dog – Sleeping Partner and Business Mascot

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the direction of THD and the efficacy (or otherwise) of our marketing plan.

SD wishes to have recorded the fact that her Facebook page is now forging AHEAD with 11 MORE likes than THD.

Duly noted

SM gave a brief overview of our marketing strategy to date – blog posts, targeted newsletters, regular updates on the THD FB page etc.

SD interjected that her FB page hasn’t been going long and she mostly posts selfies and videos of animals doing funny things.  Suggested that she takes over the THD FB page and takes on the role of Head of Marketing and Communications.

PS mooted that selfies of SD and funny animal videos were not in keeping with the ethos of THD

General uproar and SD took a huff.

Short break for tea and biscuits.  Unseemly fracas over the one remaining Chocolate Hobnob but SD eventually marginally mollified by a Rich Tea.

Meeting called to order and resumed at 11.15

SD suggested that what have we got to lose.  As the boney fido rising FB star, she is ideally placed to boost our flagging profile.  In addition, as well as having her paw on the pulse of social media, she is perfectly capable of taking on additional responsibility for research and development.

SM said she knew where this was going and the answer was no.

SD maintained that ‘Dog Eared Dolls’ were an excellent concept, ground-breaking and innovative.

PS interjected that we’d gone over this ground many times in the past, and she was in complete agreement with SM.  The answer was still no.  And anyway, how could SD take on additional responsibility when she didn't get out of bed till 10am and had to have a nap every 20 minutes.  Not to mention regular interruptions to her 'working' day in order to bark at squirrels.

SD wished it to be recorded that she couldn’t be blamed for poor marketing performance if nobody took her, or her ideas seriously.  And what about Lickety Spit dolls then.

Pandemonium ensued.

SM finally regained tenuous control of the meeting and requested that SD show due deference to the reputation of THD and refrain from making fatuous remarks.

PS pointed out that it’s THD that keeps the wolf from the door and SD should be grateful.

SD replied that she pays no heed to wolfs at the door as she regularly hunts them up the garden and bites the heads off them.

General uproar.

SM politely requested that SD keep her fantasies to herself and stay on topic.

PS suggested that perhaps we do need a full time Marketing and Communications Director and proposed that we all give due consideration to the matter and report back on Friday 17 April at 11 am.

SD asked if there could be better biscuits next time.

Any other business - Small Dog's request for a selfie stick denied.

Meeting adjourned at 11.30 am.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely love this, Sandra. You made my day. :)

Jennifer said...

You always manage to make me smile. Thank you for your wonderful posts.

Perhaps SD could pose in the background of marketing photos to boost sales? ;)

Sandra Morris said...

Thanks for the comments.....

I'm sure SD will come up with something for our next meeting.
She's sleeping on it at the moment....