Saturday, 18 April 2015

Shed wars.......

It's a lovely,  sunny day today, perfect for starting to clear out the shed.

Some people will have been lazing on their lawns, snoozing, reading, or listening to music.

Not us.

No by no nonny no.

I've been up to my armpits in spiders..... both alive and dead.... and I'm absolutely covered in webs.

The shed of which I speak is  a modest 6'x8' wooden shed up the top of the garden, painted to look a bit like a beach hut, with seasidey curtains at the windows.  It's been there since we moved in and over the past two winters it has deteriorated beyond the point of no return.

The roof leaks like a sieve (despite constant running repairs) the wood is rotten and bowing out, and there are cracks you could fit a badger through.

It's home to legions of spiders, the odd mouse nest and very possibly a docile, ageing rat which we've seen trundling around up there.

It's also where I have been storing loads of spare packaging stuff.... bags of bubble wrap, recycled postal boxes and jiffy bags etc.  It's always good to recycle, but I think I may have been overdoing it.

Yes.  I am suitably shamed.

No wonder we couldn't get in there.  I could never get through this much packaging material in several lifetimes, especially given how small the items I have to package actually are.

 I've put the lot on Freecycle in the hope that some budding small business owner, or
avid Ebay seller will come and take it all away.  Preferably before Monday, when we will be loading it all into the back of the car to drop off at the recycling centre.

So it's been a productive afternoon.  Not only have I cleared out my packaging stash, we've also gone through the paint cupboard and identified no end of tins of dried out emulsion and gloss paint, rock hard wood filler, ancient varnish and assorted bottles of 'touch up' paint from historical decorating jobs.

We've also broken up two old cupboards and disposed of any amount of other rubbish in the process.

Our estwhile 'helper', Small Dog, did put in a brief appearance to occupy a patch of sunlight on the patio while we schlepped up and down the garden, carrying bags and boxes.

"Do you need help with anything?"

Predictably, when I requested immediate backup for spider incursions she made herself scarce.

I'm done for the day now though, and we're contemplating the possibility of having a BBQ later if the weather holds up.

In the meantime I'm off to pick webs out of my hair.....

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