Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Happy New Year....!!!!

Well.... that escalated quickly!  One minute it's mid-December, the next we're headlong into the New Year.

Since my last post I've been to Suffolk to spend a few days with my lovely daughter, have spent Christmas with family then saw in the New Year with good friends.

During the fabled Twixmas period, I did indeed carry on with Willow Cottage (my 1/24th scale project) and have managed to tile the roof and dormer windows, as well as making some internal adjustments. 
Roof tiling in process

I had been going to use printed tile paper for the roof, but I have a load of cardboard tiles left over from the roof of La Mignonette so in the spirit of thrift decided to use those.  However, they are 1/12th, so I had to cut each one to size for 1/24th, which quickly became a chore.  And that's before I tackled the intricacies of a multitude of different angles for the dormer windows.

Finally finished
When the glue is completely dry tomorrow, I'll paint the dormers (they're not fixed in place yet) then all the roof tiles.

I've also decided on the paint colour for the cottage...

At least I think I have.  This looks like a lovely, gentle, shabby green in the pot, but until I've put some on the MDF I won't know EXACTLY how it will look.  It's entirely possible that it will look too green and I'll have to reconsider.  I think I'll put a wash of white on the exterior wall first... partly to prime the MDF, partly to provide a light background for the colour.  Then I'll do a test patch on the back of the building to assess how it looks. 

Also I've got a selection of kits for the interior.....

So far so good...... 

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