Saturday, 6 October 2018

Armageddon - Day 2

There is a very apposite saying which absolutely resonates with me today.... *You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs*

Another totally appropriate one is *The darkest hour is always before the dawn*

Also, completely relevant is *WTF do you think you're doing, you muppet?*

Having systematically dismantled both ends of the workroom yesterday, creating an unholy guddle in the middle..... this morning I cheerfully started to rake out the contents of the remaining cupboards, reasoning that since I'd already made a mess, a bit more wouldn't hurt.

I expect you've already spotted the flaw in an otherwise damn fine plan as there are now piles of stuff over EVERY surface including the floor and I'm having to pirouette, tiptoe and climb around them as if I'm playing a surreal game of solo Twister.

Progress is slow, punctuated by cries of "So THAT'S where that got to!" and "Blimey... I'd forgotten all about THAT!" and "Ay Carumba!!! Why on earth did I ever put that in THERE?!"

I feel a bit like an archaeologist, unearthing long-forgotten treasures.  There's definitely a lot of dust.

And webs.

Many webs.... *shudder*

And even the occasional large desiccated spider husk... which makes me wonder if there is an ever larger, more predatory spider skulking just out of sight.  Biding its time....

There have been points today when I have questioned the wisdom of what I'm doing.  Looking around the workroom, it's hard to imagine it ever being tidy again. However the die has been cast and I've no alternative but to keep going.

Of course, inevitably, the chaos hasn't been contained to the workroom.  The 'surplus to requirements' wall unit has taken up residence in the hall, pending collection and transport to its new home.  Various boxes and miscellaneous stuff have been moved into the dining room, pending final decisions on their fate.  So not only have I messed up the workroom, I've also infested the dining room and hall. 

So yayyyy me.
What can I say... it's a rare talent.  A gift.


Elizabeth S said...

I feel you pain! I find that the only way for me to properly address chaos is to make more if too, so the method you've chosen to get the job done sound perfectly alright to me!

Sandra Morris said...

Elizabeth... I'm sure it will be alright in the end. It's the middle bit I'm struggling with!!!

PP (Pam) said...

Tidy for an hour - have a GIN - tidy for another hour - have 2 GINs - tidy for another hour - have 3 GINs - by the 4th hour you won't care and the mess will looowk fiynnnne :D

Sandra Morris said...

PP.... Sounds like a plan! xx