Friday, 5 October 2018

I'm back.....

Yoo hoooooo!  Yes, it's me!  I'm back!

It's been quite a year thus far....

An important milestone birthday *tick*
A two week odyssey round my homeland *tick*
A wonderful CP ceremony with my beloved *tick*
Two overseas holidays *tick*

But with only one quarter of the year left I have to get my act together and return to reality full time.

Easier said than done.

So today I took a turavee (as my Granny would have said) and spent a lot of time turning my perfectly serviceable, nominally tidy workroom into a scene from the Apocalypse. 

In my defence, there is method in my madness.

As my downsizing exercise gathers pace I now have quite a bit of empty space in assorted cupboards, so I decided to re-organise and consolidate, losing one wall unit cupboard in the process.  Also I have 5 IKEA Moppe wooden storage units, which have a variety of different sized drawers.

Up till now, I haven't really used them as efficiently as I should, and some of them were fairly inaccessible, due to the overhead wall unit on one side and the fact that the worktop spaces in front of them are usually covered with 'work in progress projects'

So I've moved all the storage units to the space where the wall unit was, freeing up a whole swathe of worktop where they were before, and making them all fully accessible from my desk chair in the process.

Here is the area behind my chair now, minus the wall unit....

Still a work in progress... that spare box doesn't look right there!
However, as it's been over 5 years since I originally decorated the front of each drawer, the printed papers have faded over time, so I want to return them to their former glory.  
This week I've reorganised and consolidated most of the storage boxes in the main open-fronted wall unit, relabelling them and replacing the equally faded and tatty paper inserts in them too.

Newly reorganised storage boxes with crisp new printed inserts
Hopefully, over the coming week, as I gradually fill up all the empty Moppe unit drawers, I'll release more space elsewhere and be able to free up more of the furniture.

That's the plan anyway.

However in the meantime, this is the current state of play in the workroom.

It's obviously such a mess that I can't actually work in there, so over this coming cold and wet weekend I'll be ploughing through the mess and putting the room to rights.

I'm actually quite looking forward to it in a masochistic sort of way.  Moreover, as it's the weekend, a consolatory glass of wine may have to be involved, although I'll have to clear a space for it first.

To be continued.......


Mandy's Dolls House Miniatures said...

Woo! Looking good! And other words of encouragement as I stand and cheer you on from the sidelines. I am currently in the middle of converting a brick garden shed into a workshop myself - so fully feel the stress of mess!!

Sandra Morris said...

Mandy.... how exciting! A new garden workshop!!
Many years ago I converted an old brick stable into a studio workshop so I fully appreciate the work involved. However when you're finished I'm sure it will be a wonderful workshop space.
Photos please...... :)

Megan Wallace said...

Welcome home! If you're anything like me, you are going to discover untold treasures as you reorganise and tidy up. Keep at it, and do let us know how you progress.

Sandra Morris said...

Megan.... I've hit a bit of a wall today. I think the empty spaces I've created are making me feel a bit weird. Craft rooms abhor empty spaces.... there's a blog post in there I think.... ;)