Monday, 8 October 2018

Home straight......

Following Small Dog's pep talk yesterday, I dug deep and by late afternoon today I finally feel I'm on the home straight with my workroom re-organisation.  Admittedly there are still pockets of stuff for which I haven't found an obvious home, but the floor is finally clear and has been thoroughly hoovered, and most of the work surfaces are clean and empty.

Now that the worst is over, I can take my time this week to re-decorate the fronts of all the wooden drawers, and label them.  And at least while that is ongoing, I can carry on with other things.

Predictably, Small Dog is taking full credit for the transformation from total mess to almost tidy.  She's wandered into the workroom from time to time today in order to bask in her own glory.

However, one of the brainwaves for which she can't claim ownership is that I'm using some of the newly liberated storage boxes for 'work in progress'.  Hitherto I've had workmats scattered throughout the room,  covered with various unfinished projects.  

Yes.... stupid.  I know.

Sometimes I just run out of steam on a particular project, and hope that by leaving it out it might shame me into completing it.

That's all complete bollocks of course.

All they do is gather dust and clutter up work surfaces which could be put to better use.  So from now on, if I stop work on anything for more than a day, it will go neatly into a box, labelled with the contents.  I need to guard against amassing dozens of the WiP boxes though.  I'm only intending to use four, and when all of those are full I have pledged to complete whatever's in them.

Hmmm..... we'll see how well THAT goes.

I also need to realise that this latest re-organisation won't be the last.  As more spaces become vacant, I'll need to do it again.... and again.

However,  I now have 4 large boxes of miscellaneous miniatures, materials, tools and components which are deemed surplus to requirements, which have to be photographed and listed for sale on the website, so that's quite enough to be going on with.


Megan Wallace said...

Very well done! I need SD to come and supervise over here.

Sandra Morris said...

Megan.... well now that's she's officially retired from her position of Hedd of Markitten and Komewnikashun at THD, she has been thinking about freelance consultancy work so you might be in luck! ;)