Sunday, 2 March 2008

The Law of Inverse Proportionality......

At this point, just 26 days before we leave for Miniatura, I had hoped that outstanding items on my 'To Do' lists would be diminishing, and I would be experiencing a Zen-like calm, secure in the knowledge that everything was under control.

Yeah, right.

My 'To Do' lists are expanding at an exponential rate. Relatively speaking.

Not only that, there isn't a room in the house that doesn't bear testament to the un Zen-like chaos which reigns and which is threatening to engulf us all.
The dining room is is the nerve centre of the exhibition stand build, and is full of bits of wood, pots of paint, fabric covers, lights, electrical gubbins and several things I don't recognise at all.
The workroom, is, as always, hopelessly untidy and I can't find a thing.
The 'office', which is barely big enough to swing a even very small cat has teetering piles of papers, drafts of flyers, sign making equipment etc and even the kitchen has been infiltrated with boxes of packaging materials which haven't found a home elsewhere.

Even if I do manage to transmutate this disorder into order, and everything gets neatly packed in boxes, I just know that we're not going to be able to fit everything into our very small campervan.

As a small measure of displacement activity, I have found this label to put on the campervan door before the trip, just in case I should suddenly be overcome with the desire to swing the aforementioned small feline.

I think my sanity is becoming seriously compromised.

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