Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Christmas cheer.................

We decided to undertake phase 1 of our Christmas decorations yesterday evening.

Phase 1 is the easy bit......... decorating the tree. Some of the glass decorations are almost 100 years old, having belonged to my grandmother when my mum was a little girl. Each year I hold my breath as the decorations are unearthed from the loft, hoping that these increasingly delicate and fragile baubles will have remained intact. Thankfully this year there were no casualties and the tree is now resplendent.

Phase 2 is the much more tricky bit, decorating the hall. Which involves entwining greenery garlands and twinkling lights between the banisters on our winding staircase. Each year I think I will remember the best way to do it, and of course, each year, with the passing of 365 days, I forget.

This invariably leads to a fair amount of unseasonal language, especially if I happen to tread on one of the lights, which is an occupational hazard.

Small dog has thrown herself wholeheartedly into the decorating frenzy, and even dressed up for the occasion. She is blissfully unaware that hanging on the tree, hopefully beyond her reach, is a tiny, wee stocking, stuffed with a few of her favourite gravy bones for Christmas morning.

Ho Ho Ho

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