Monday, 8 December 2008

Fair report..................

I have finally emerged from a zombie-like exhausted state following the Kensington Christmas Festival on Saturday. Those 17 hour working days really take it out of a girl!

It was great to meet so many blog-readers, dollclub members and loyal customers, although sadly small dog (aka Business Mascot) could not accompany us to bask in her acclaim. Which was probably for the best as from the point at which the fair opened until right up to the finish, we were frantically busy and she would have felt completely neglected.

I didn't even get the chance to have a wander round, which was good in that I didn't actually spend any money, but disappointing in that I had a shopping list of things I wanted for my toy shop basement. One of the great things about Kensington is that it is a rare opportunity to see so many top miniature artisans together under one roof, and I had been looking forward to visiting several exhibitors, via a carefully planned route, assiduously worked out on my layout plan.

However, we had a lovely grandstand view of the Great Hall from our position up on the stage, and had a really fantastic day, selling out of all our new exotic pullalong/ride-on toys, loads of little toy dolls, all but one of Perfectionist Partner's new Jack-in-the-Box toys and much, much more. So for us it was the best one day fair we've attended in many years and left us feeling delighted that our special tiny toys were so well received.

Fortunately we took a few photos of our stand, and part of the Great Hall before the fair opened and the crowds poured in.

By the end of the day, despite continually replenishing our display, it was looking very sparse, so it's good to have a record...........for the record so to speak.

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TreeFeathers said...

Congrats on a successful show! Glad to hear it went well, what an exciting show to go to. Your booth looks great, too! :)

- Grace