Monday, 15 December 2008

Cold snap...............

It would appear that our central heating system has come out in sympathy with the computer, and is resolutely refusing to turn on.

Despite spending several hours yesterday trying to identify the problem, we gave up in the end and are now awaiting the arrival of a heating engineer, who will hopefully be able to fix the problem and restore heating and hot water.

As there has been no heating since yesterday the house is now completely stone cold, and in spite of wearing several layers of clothing, we are all chilled to the bone. Small dog, muffled in her warmest jumper, has gone back to bed, and I would dearly love to join her. Getting out of an electrically heated bed this morning was sheer purgatory in the absence of any ambient heat. Washing in icy cold water isn't much fun either.

The workroom feels like the Siberian steppes and the bathrooms......well let's just say they're a tad chilly.

I'm off to wrap myself around mug of tea in an effort to keep warm........

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