Friday, 11 June 2010

Antidote to World Cup fever..........

If there is even a hint of sunshine tomorrow, we might take advantage of the eerie quiet, courtesy of Eng-er-land's inaugural match, to head off down to the beach, which will hopefully also be deserted.

Small Dog has mixed views on the beach.

If the tide is out she is quite happy to run along the sand, sniffing out small scuttling creatures and getting her paws every so slightly damp. She never actually ventures into the sea and displays a lightning turn of speed if an exhuberant wave threatens to overwhelm her.

If the tide is in, she picks her way daintily along the shingle, which to be fair, to a dog of her diminutive size, must seem more like small boulders than pebbles.

If we take a picnic she will spread herself out on the rug, guarding the picnic basket against potential incursions by renegade, opportunist canines. She also likes a bit of shade so we have to make sure she can lie directly under the sunshade, from where she can can keep an eye on what's occurring.

However, I don't doubt that even Small Dog's beach sceptiscim could fail to be washed away by this.......

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