Thursday, 10 June 2010

Curl up and dye............

Multitasking like a demon today.

Aside from casting, casting and more casting, I've also been making lots of tiny curls and tendrils, as well as dyeing some silk ribbon.

I needed an exact shade of pink, and despite having bags and bags of what I naively thought contained ribbon in every colour of pink under the sun, I just couldn't find the right shade.


Nothing else for it but to try to dye. Which is a process of trial and error.

However, after a few false starts I did finally manage to create the desired shade of crushed strawberry, and my silk ribbon was duly dyed.

I was then presented with a quandary. It always seems so wasteful to dispose of the dye, even though it's only a few fluid ounces. So I'll keep it for a few days just in case I need it again. I have an idea for a tiny wee fairy princess doll who might be just perfect dressed in layers of pink silk net.

In the meantime, in the interests of elfin safety, I thought it best to leave a note on the jug. Don't want anyone mistaking it for crushed strawberry cordial.

Perish the thought.....


Tabitha Corsica said...

So why don't you just keep it in a sealed, labeled little jar?


Sandra Morris said...

Good point, well made Tabitha.

I would have done exactly that thing had not every single empty jar in the house been commandeered for pickling purposes by PP.

I've also rifled through every cupboard in the workroom and all potentially suitable containers are already in use.

Mixed dye goes all funny when stored, so I can't keep it indefinitely anyway. I only want to reserve it till tomorrow when I will dye some silk net, then it will be disposed of.

I will however, remove it from the kitchen worktop and secrete it in the workroom.... just in case.