Wednesday, 9 June 2010

In defence of Small Dog.........

It has been brought to my attention, following yesterday's Rant of the Day, that Small Dog may not share my views, vis-a-vis spelling, grammar et al.

I relayed this to Small Dog who was both shocked and stunned. Admittedly her spelling may best be described as 'experimental, but...

  • She writes all her own replies to comments etc. WITH PAWS!
  • It is a well known fact that dogs think (and write) phonetically.
Her vocabulary is far and beyond that of most 18 year olds. How many of them would know how to spell 'parmentier', let alone know what it means?

I would say that her grammar is very good, for a Yorkshire Terrier, and her grasp of semantics is second to none in the canine canon.

So there!


Margaret said...

Our cocker is equally clever and fully understands our language but refuses to communicate in a manner that is foreign to him, preferring to use body language and telepathy to let us know what he wants. Sometimes he has a very pained expression when we are a bit slow on the uptake but is mostly quite patient. He has a similar regard for cats too.

Sandra Morris said...

Small Dog has no regard for cats whatsoever.

However, as you say, she is fluent in body language and telepathy and has an eloquent array of 'head tilt' expressions. If all else fails she resorts to Paw Poke, closely followed by Cold Wet Nose, which invariably gets her point across.

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

"Grammar Dog" *snort* :)

Love it!

sue said...

I hav red yor post and I furrilly agreey wiv Smorl God.I doo not laik Katz..espeshully wons that poo in my gardin!

It dusn't mautr wot the spelen is lyk as long as you can undurstand it.

I hav a hudg vokablery. I now ORL my prepusishuns and menee menee nowns.
Teenaadgerrz now nufing!

I two am gud at boddee languish.Uz Focs terrerers are veree brite.

My Grandma is fyn thanks.

Lerve to SD.
lerve DD

Sandra Morris said...

Helo agen DD,

Yoo ar korekt…. Terriors ar among the brietist of dogs.

And as eny fule kno, dogs (evin stoopid wuns) are jenerali moar klevir than moast peepl.

I olso agreeh, most hoomans downt no ther plooperfekt from ther subjunktif.

I arsk yoo.

Not two menshun the fakt that thay woodent no a gerund if it caim up and bit them on the bum. Whitsh is whot I wil do if eniwun els impyoons mi grasp of gramatikl struktour.

Yures disgruntidli
Small Dog