Saturday, 12 June 2010

A game of two halves...........

I can't believe I'm watching it.

Having declared this blog a football-free zone I am actually in the same room as a TV, on which the Eng-er-land v US of A is playing.

After an early lead, Eng-er-land conceded a goal, which, frankly, Small Dog could have saved.

PP asked earlier, which team I would be supporting. I said I was neutral.

Which shocked PP to her very core.

How could I NOT support England?!?

When I pointed out that most Scots would support almost any team playing against England she was absolutely devastated.

We were interrupted just before USA equalised by Small Dog vomiting on the carpet. Whether this was a comment upon the parlous state of the English defence is open to debate. In the ensuing melee I almost missed the US goal.

I need to get out more..........

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julie campbell said...

After a perilous few hours drive risking life and tempting death at high speed from Scotland , slowing only briefly for speed cameras, we arrived home in time for kick off.......Hubby watched for a few minutes while I recovered with a wee dram in the kitchen, then he nipped to the loo thus missing Englands goal !!!
What can I say ?!
Football ? bah , humbug !
julie xxx