Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Is that the time already......?

Good grief.

Doesn't time just fly.

It's half past 2010 already and what do I have to show for it?

*sits morosely, waiting for the answer to appear from the ether*

*tumbleweed tumble by.....*

Yes, well, there you have it.

Or not.

However the past week has been something of a whirlwind of activity.

In no particular order

  • 2 days camping over the summer solstice
  • Small Dog's vet appointment for booster vaccinations
  • Falling madly in love with a house for sale on the internet.
  • Going to view said house and falling out of love with it. Don't ask.
  • Travelling up to the wilds of Essex to spend lovely weekend with Gorgeous Daughter on a little island, accessible via causeway and cut off twice a day at high tide
  • Travelling back from Essex by train yesterday, via London which was hotter than all the fires of Hades, stoked up to the max, on a really hot day.
  • Attempting to catch up with deluge of emails, post, outstanding 'stuff to do' etc etc etc
And it's still hot.

I am most definitely disgruntled.


Anonymous said...

Oh busy few days and not a bit of work in sight. Best way.

Tip - when interested in a house that is some distance away, do a Google Map search for the address and then drag the little yellow/orange man in the top left hand corner down to the arrow and you can see the area like you are standing there.

We are tentatively looking at properties at the moment and I have done that with every one that I fancy and when I see the "actual" location rather than the one the estate agent wants me to see I am usually less than impressed.

You can see if there is a pig farm or sewage plant next door too.


Debbie said...

It rained here last night and this morning, which cleared the air. It's now getting Hot again..

julie campbell said...

Oh no ! Is that the time ???
where has this year gone ?
and why does this happen every year ?
julie xx

Anonymous said...

What's all this about hot?
It's been 40 degrees ( I kid you not ) here in South Northants, in the garden.
ALL the background aches and pains melt away.....Don't knock it!

Sandra Morris said...

Heat really exacerbates my MS so a few hot days can leave me feeling awful. I could certainly do with it being several degrees cooler so that I can function properly.

Good luck to those who can enjoy it though....