Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Anarchy versus Order......

I've decided that I definitely have a split personality.

For instance, I love order ......my heart sings after I've restored the workroom to a state of pristine tidiness, with every single scrap of lace, ribbon and fabric neatly stored in their labelled boxes and my work table is gleaming white, uncluttered and inviting.

But I also thrive in an atmosphere of creative chaos and love days when I'm surrounded by drifts of coloured ribbons, sumptuous silks and all the paraphernalia of the creative process.

I like to have clearly designated areas of responsibility and properly delineated work schedules (even if I can't always keep to them!)

However I also love to go off on a tangent, seeing where an idea will take me, even if it's right off the beaten track.

This conflict of order versus anarchy is especially pertinent to my blog, hence my recent attempts to knock it into some sort of reasonable shape.  I've started well enough but I'm acutely aware that it's early days and only constant diligence and good organisation will reap rewards.

So to this end, in the Useful Stuff section, over there on the right, I am going to create an index, so that any Useful Stuff will be even easier to find.  Of course I have to remember to update it every time I post some Useful Stuff, and put in the correct links etc, but I'm quietly confident I'll remember to do that.


However, anarchy will still reign unfettered throughout the rest of my blog and Useless Stuff will be unlabelled, unindexed and unorganised. 

Naturally this means that displays of flagrant displacement activity, endless anecdotes about Small Dog and a multitude of myriad minutiae will continue to clutter up grace this blog.

Sorry about that.........




Rosamargarita said...

I love little Miss Messy!
Bravo por la anarquía!
Un abrazo

Elga said...

Well, I certainly enjoy small dog and the "Useless" categories, so keep it coming!!!!

pastmastery said...

I am just the same.
But usually order reigns...thank Heavens.

I have to share my space with the computer of course also used by DD and Stephen so I gotta keep a bit o space free!