Monday, 22 August 2011

Focus on ready to dress toy dolls....

For those miniaturists who prefer to 'do it themselves' rather than buy ready made, we offer a growing range of ready to dress jointed porcelain dolls in sizes from tiny to small.

All of our dolls are handmade and undergo up to 4 china paint firings.  They have jointed, moveable arms and legs.

Our very tiniest of toy dolls, at a truly diminutive 1" tall, is the toy baby, which is available either awake or asleep.

The babies are very easy to dress in silk ribbon and lace and are scaled to fit in our vintage Victorian-style perambulators and cribs.

Only slightly bigger, we have dainty toy dolls, measuring just 1  1/2 tall.  These are available in either standing (far left) or ballet poses.  The doll in the centre is en pointe, and on the right with one standing, one pointed foot.  These look lovely dressed in silk and organdy ribbon ballet tutus.

Next we have several new additions to our range, including some character toy dolls which are suitable as ladies and older characters.

These dolls all have different facial expressions and beautifully detailed bodies.  They range in size from 1  1/2" to 1  3/4" tall.

Our most popular ready to dress toy dolls are the ones we use in our toy doll kits...

Measuring a tad under 1  3/4" tall, these dolls have particularly pretty faces with well defined features.  On the left is the standard Caucasian flesh tone, alongside a brown flesh ethnic toy doll.  Far right is a recent experiment, cast in white porcelain in order to experiment with the parian/china doll style doll so popular in Victorian times.  I have only made a few of these so far, but I've listed some for sale HERE , if you're quick! 

Also currently in creation are some marionettes, Kewpies and Googlies which will be available later in the year.

All orders for ready to dress toy dolls will now qualify for a free information sheet with hints and tips for dressing and wigging these little dolls.


Robin said...

SO much naked flesh in one blog!
This is a really fantastic collection Sandra and a great opportunity for those who want to create their own costumes.

KT Miniatures said...

Super idea Sandra, good luck with it all. Shall look forward to the Kewpies and Googlies too. Am sure those of us with vintage dolls houses (particularly pre-war) will be interested in these - can see these flying off the shelves!!! Celis