Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Normal service will be resumed......

If you've visited this blog this morning you may have experienced some rather strange visual phenomena.  This was due to my messing around experimenting with some new blog backgrounds, none of which was quite what I'm looking for.  

It was a tad nervewracking changing the HTML code round the back end, then quickly whipping round the front to see the effect, then back again to restore the status quo.  At one point I inadvertently put two lots of template code together and the resulting horror was terrible to behold.

Thankfully I seem to have managed not to break the internet, and, more to the point, I didn't accidentally delete the entire blogHowever I'm no nearer to finding just the right template so I'm going to stop faffing about and go and do something useful, while I have a proper think about what I want

In the meantime.........

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