Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Clean sheet..........

I've decided to go right back to basics before installing a new blog background, which I still haven't decided upon yet.

This is the real life equivalent of stripping off the wallpaper, sanding down the paintwork and all the other boring but entirely necessary DIY tasks involved in redecorating a room.

Only in my blog's case I've sloshed on a quick coat of white to give me a blank canvas upon which to try out some new decor.

This is most definitely NOT displacement activity (ok yes it is) and is absolutely essential (it's not really) as I can't see beyond what I've had in place for the past 5 1/2 years (this is true) so I need to go back to basics (probably for the best but doesn't guarantee success).  

Small Dog has suggested a Yorkshire terrier theme but she's been overruled and is now sulking in her basket.

Any suggestions....?


Robin said...

Ummmm ......white's nice!

tattyhouse said...

Sorry you had to cut your holiday short - happened to us last year and I don't think we ever fully managed to chill out for ages.
And as for the blog - I quite like the white, looks a bit more modern.