Monday, 23 January 2012

Creative endeavours........

I just can't seem to get warm today.  My hands are absolutely freezing, which makes working on my 1/144th scale Tower House a bit tricky, so have abandoned that until the heating comes back on later and have been concentrating instead on some new Alice in Wonderland toys.

My carefully planned work schedule for Thame has gone right out the window so I've decided to work on things I actively enjoy doing, rather than those I feel I should be doing.

At least for this week.

I had also been intending sorting out our February home workshop pack project but in the current circumstances, and with the Thame Fair also in February, I may not have time.

No matter, I have plenty of ideas to be going on with........


Elga said...

Hi Sandra, I know you are all going through a tough time, creativity seems to fly away with sorrow, so do the things you can enjoy, even in good times I find it difficult to work on things I don't really like or enjoy.

Thinking of you all

Sandra Morris said...


Thank you. I find it easier at the moment to do things in bite-size chunks to compensate for lack of concentration.
Luckily I have a lot of things to do which I really enjoy, which helps.