Monday, 9 January 2012

Warm, fuzzy glow........

Having kept my head down, working, working working all day today I now have a warm,fuzzy glow of satisfaction.  Which is just as well as it's been really cold all day and our heating has only just come on.  I'm seriously considering a pair of fingerless mitts as there were points today when my hands were so cold I could hardly hold a sewing needle.

Nevertheless, progress on orders for our January Home Workshop Pack has been steady  and I'm hoping to be ready to make a start on the video tutorial tomorrow so I'm keeping my frostbitten fingers crossed that we will have a bright sunny day tomorrow to add to the natural light in the workroom.

Thus far, 75% of people who have ordered a kit have chosen Royal Stewart tartan, which I must admit is my favourite too.  When I was doing a bit of background research I discovered that it is the best known tartan of the royal House of Stewart, and is also the personal tartan of Queen Elizabeth II. As such it is appropriate for all her subjects  to wear the Royal Stewart tartan in the same way as clan members may wear the tartan of their clan chief.

To say nothing of its patronage by ageing rocker Rod Stewart. 

In other news, there are now less than 6 weeks until the Thame Fair so I must guard against any hints of complacency, to which I am chronically prone.  

38 days might sound like quite a long time, and indeed if you are counting down to a much-anticipated social event or holiday those days will just crawl by.  However if you're counting down to a work-related deadline they will zap past in a flash.  It seems like only yesterday I had a whole 70 days in which to completely redesign and prepare a stunning display while simultaneously creating lots of new miniature toys and dolls. 

Might have to start burning the midnight oil..... at least it might help warm me up.

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