Monday, 9 January 2012

Lost in translation...........

Despite the fact I'm supposed to be completely focused on work at the moment, with no time at all for displacement activity, I did get sidetracked over the weekend by a rather marvellous blog.

Apart from the lovely toys I was particularly taken with a certain couple of small dogs, which you can see if you scroll down the page.

So I got in touch with Catherine to let her know how much I enjoyed her blog and website, especially the dogs, and mentioned Small Dog too.  In a few email exchanges, each of us trying our best to communicate in each other's language, me in my schoolgirl French and with the aid of an online translator for the words I couldn't remember, and she in much better English, I described Small Dog as 'délabré' intending to mean 'scuffy'.  

I had an email earlier this evening from an amused Catherine, saying that "In French it means that she is like an old house damaged by time, everything is broken and it is difficult to stand up"!

I have refrained from relaying this information to Small Dog.  She would be insulted enough by my description of her as scruffy, let alone a derelict old house

I think I'll steer clear of online translators from now on.....


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KT Miniatures said... have given me such a laugh this morning. As to the French blog....bloomin' heck...its fantastic. Celia