Saturday, 14 January 2012

Working weekend..... again

Really crisp, hard frost this morning.  We need several really cold days like this to harden up our front lawn so that we can move the caravan off the drive and into its spot over by the fence.... the ground has been too soft and muddy and we don't want to risk it sinking up to its axles again!

Will be working today and tomorrow.  With the Thame Fair just 5 weeks away I need to buckle down and get on with my hopelessly optimistic 'To Do' list.

I don't really know why I call it that.  There are several more appropriate list titles.

Such as the..... 'If I Can Get Round To It' list
Or the...... 'Would Be Great If I Could Manage These' list
Or even the...... 'Not A Cat's Chance In Hell Of Achieving These' list

However, 5 weeks is a relatively long time so I'm cautiously confident that I'll be able to tick off at least 25% of the list contents.

More likely 20%

Almost definitely 15%


In other news, orders for the wee kiltie toy doll kits end tomorrow so if you've been trying to make your mind up which tartan to go for, or need any further information, just send me an email.  Purchasers of the kits will also have access to a video tutorial, plus interactive online session on 31 January. 

Right.... I'm off to huddle by the radiator in the workroom and get some work done. So no displacement activity for me today......


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