Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Is that the time already....?

No, I haven't slipped into a hypothermic coma following my sub-polar expedition on Sunday.  I've just been working like a demon trying to get back on track for the Thame Fair, about which, I'm sure, you're sick to death of hearing.

Aside from feeling tired, the only lingering ill effect is a crop of burgeoning cold sores which are making my life a misery.  Anyone who suffers from cold sores will know that a combination of stress and extreme cold, will bring the little buggers scuttling from whichever nerve ending they're using as their lair, to create painful pustules, which form into crusty scabs, inevitably cracking and bleeding several times until they finally disappear.


Yes I know.

Eeeewwwww doesn't even come close.

The entire process from warning tingle to all-clear can take up to two weeks.  I thought I might have caught them in time, as I always treat with anti-viral cream and/or patches at the first hint of a tingle, but as my face was one big tingle all day Sunday, I obviously missed the optimum time to treat.


I do hope they've gone before Thame, otherwise I shall have to carry a little bell and wear a sign round my neck like a plague victim.

Also there's the chance that some kind-hearted soul will reel back in horror and exclaim:

"Ugh.... what's that thing on your lip?'

Bit of a conversation stopper that.

However, I didn't come here today to reveal more of my myriad defects.


Instead I came to try to gain some perspective on what I should be doing.  This is because, when faced with a rapidly approaching deadline, instead of staying calm and methodically working through the tasks at hand, I start to panic and spend 10 minutes on one thing before I suddenly decide that it's a waste of time and start something else.

This cycle is repeated several times until I am trapped in a downward spiral of defeatism, culminating in my lying slumped across the desk, face-down in a dish of glue, cocktail sticks and feathers stuck in my hair, twitching sporadically and showing every indication of being a mad woman.

No change there then.

So today I am going to really, REALLY try to stay focused and work in a calm and methodical way.

Now that I've committed that pledge to print, and sent it out into the ether, I will have to stick to it.



Susan said...

If you begin zinc, lysine and vitC (fairly large doses for a brief time till healed) you can cut the course of the cold sores to a mere few days. Sometimes you can prevent them forming if you catch them very early.

Sandra Morris said...


I have a formidable arsenal of anti-cold sore treatments which will sometimes work if I catch the very first tiny tingle.
I'll give the vitamin combo you recommend a go though.... can't do any harm.

Susan said...

If possible I try natural treatments due to drug sensitivities.

I used this combination to treat shingles, quite a big outbreak, the pain diminished very quickly and the spots disappeared within days. Same when dear daughter had chicken pox, a bad bout I might add, one week before her baby was due, gone within days and no scarring.

Minimum 1500mg Lysine per day, 2,000mg for bad outbreaks, same of vitC, zinc as per label on bottle.