Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Website update........

It's taken me all of the past two days to get unpacked and reorganised.  However, after a marathon website session, I've finally managed to get most of our new miniature toys and kits listed on the website.

There are new items right across the store so rather than post individual links I'll give you one big one instead.

We have two new kits, including a wicker pram with lace parasol and our first Micro Wigging kit, as well as several new toy dolls, a Punch & Judy toy theatre, Alice in Wonderland toys and a new range of tiny micro wigs on wooden stands which fit our standard toy dolls perfectly.
Also listed on the website are our pleated silk ribbon packs.

I'm all websited out now, and looking forward to making a start on some new projects, including completing our March Home Workshop Pack which will be announced shortly.

However in the meantime, here's a snapshot of our stand on Saturday, taken while we were setting up.......

 The relative calm before the storm!


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