Friday, 17 February 2012

Toodle pip........

I have NO IDEA where the past two days have gone, except very, very fast in a blur of activity.

I didn't have time to blog my new microwigs which are teeny, weeny tiny.  

Or the wonderful wig stands, custom made for me and turned in a variety of exotic woods by the talented Dave Williams.

Or the new microwigging kits.

Or the new toy dolls.

Or the new Alice in Wonderland toys.

So if you're coming to the Thame Fair tomorrow, we're on Stand No. 41 (clicking on the link will take you to an interactive floor plan) and you can see them all for yourself.

If you're not (and I'm guessing that's most of you!) we will be listing all our new items on the website next week, as well as announcing the next in our series of Home Workshop Packs.


Now I need to try to make sense of the array of stock boxes, bits of display stands and various other fair paraphernalia currently littering the hallway and work out the best way to pack the car. 


Elga said...

HaHa, you often see cars and bakkies (pick-up truck) loaded worse here in SA!!!!! Hope all goes well at the fair and with packing the car!!! Oh, and a snow free trip, can't have you climbing slippery hills again, now can we????

Dave Williams said...

Have a great day Sandra, hope the new micro wigs sell out.